Glass Slipper Creations

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that you don’t see here, feel free to visit the “Contact” page for questions, or email me directly:


What is Glass Slipper Creations?

When you purchase a Glass Slipper Creations apron, you’re not just buying the same-old-same-old Apron. You’re buying a ticket into the Disney World! You’re cooking with the help of your favorite Disney Princess. I want your little princess to stand out from the crowd, and really shine! (As a bonus, these Aprons WON’T disappear at midnight)!

What are the sizes available?

Here is our sizing chart for all aprons:


What material are my Aprons made from?

All my aprons are made of high quality, 100% Cotton. They are not pre-shrunk.

How do I wash my Apron?

Wash with care, on gentle cycle, and then hung dry. To iron aprons, use the cotton setting and plenty of steam. Iron lengthwise, not in circles.

Can you make custom Aprons?

I’ll try my best. Head over to the “Contact” page, and drop me a message telling me what you are wanting!

Where are you located?

Spokane, WA