Glass Slipper Creations


The Idea

I have a passions for making my own costumes for running! I have always enjoyed coming up with a new, fun way to run through the finish line! From Disney Characters, to my favorite Starbucks Latte, if you can think it, I have probably made a costume of it! I take this same eye for perfection and passion that I have used for my running costumes, and apply it to every Glass Slipper item I make. You can be sure, whatever you get here from Glass Slipper, it is made with love!

Style & Quality

All of my material and raw items that go into Glass Slipper products are purchased, by hand, myself, to ensure the highest of quality. They are all sourced by myself, so I can make sure they are up to the standard of a Glass Slipper Product. With the undoubted style, and exceptional quality, you can be sure that your Glass Slipper Apron is built to last!

100% Handmade

No assembly line here! All of my outfits here at Glass Slipper are 100%, no exception, hand made by me, in Spokane, WA. Nothing is pre-made or purchased semi-finished. When you hold a Glass Slipper Creations product, or wear one of my aprons, rest assured it has been looked over and made by me!